What People Say



"Our family loves Music Together®. We found it helped our sons speech develop. Not only is he a little chatter box, we catch him singing all the time.
Our 1 year old daughter is easily soothed when she hears the music together songs and loves to dance along. we highly recommend Music Together to all our friends and family. awe look forward to seeing both Claires for a fun and interactive class every week!" ~ Kelly L.

"Sarah has really developed a love and joy for music....in fact it was just yesterday she saw symbols in a book that we were reading and thought they were music notes so she sounded each symbol out. Is that not amazing? I am over the moon that Sarah is discovering so many things that she so dearly loves and is fascinated with at such a young age." ~ Teri


"As he gets older I find Simon still loves to sing and dance and play with music. I love it and hope he continues to find joy in music for his lifetime. Thanks again for your important role in fostering this source of happiness for us both!"  ~ Trina


"There are many things I love about the Music Together program, but the one thing I love the best is that I can take my two children (ages 2 and 4) to the SAME class! And they both love it. I highly recommend this class." ~Cathy


Johanna recently moved from St. John's to Ontario and wrote:

"I thought you deserved to know that your class is the greatest thing that has happened to us.
There is no musictogether here. I ended up registering Sabina in a music class that is close to home, from a music academy.... She has to settle for that... its the best possible option... At least for now...
All the things you said have come to pass, first doing the mimics that you showed us in class, then repeating the last word of every verse, now to fully singing the songs, still in baby words, the cutest thing...
 Thanks for everything..."
Johanna & Sabina 


Christy wrote: "We will definitely be registering again! We play "music class" at home at least once a day - the boys are LOVING the song collection this time! We dance to it every night!"

"I've been to a [Music Together] class...this is a great program for those interested in a music program to enjoy together with their children." Christine C., St. John's

"The Music Together CDs are not just typical children's music. It is really family music that we can all enjoy together." S.P., St. John's

"Music Together is like a kitchen party for kids!"  Jennifer B. (Mom of Ryan and Brendan)

"I never dreamed that Kate could learn so much in a music class at her age, We are in our fourth semester now, and I would definitely recommend Music Together to anyone with young children." Chris

"Music Together is, without question, the best music program for young children." Linda

"We just came home from Music Together, and Brandon absolutely loved it!  He won't stop listening to his new CD, and he wants to go back to class again tomorrow!  My husband says this is the first kid's CD that he actually enjoys listening to.  Thank you Music Together, we're so glad we found you!" Ann